Criminal Division


The Criminal Division consists of trial attorneys and support staff responsible for the prosecution of all crimes that occur in Sublette County. The Criminal Division works predominately in two separate courts; the Circuit Court and the District Court. The Circuit Court has jurisdiction over all traffic violations and misdemeanor crimes. Examples of misdemeanor crimes include game and fish violations, driving under the influence, small quantity drug possessions, and simple assaults and batteries. The District Court has jurisdiction over all felony crimes. Examples of felony crimes include murder, manslaughter, embezzlement, drug dealing, burglary and robbery.

The role of a Criminal Division attorney is to review law enforcement investigations and arrests to determine whether to charge people with crimes. The filing of the criminal charges results in a criminal case against the accused person in either the Circuit or District Court. It's then the duty of the Criminal Division attorney to pursue the case to the ends of justice, which usually result in a conviction of the accused. Upon conviction, the person can be sentenced to a combination of jail, fines, restitution, and probation.